Flame retardancy data available upon request to ship's
safety officers only-- we do not provide trade secret
information provided to us by our suppliers.
Darkens Berthing
Coast Guard Racks Navy Racks NOAA ships
Personal Storage
NayRackPacks Navy for Moms Navy for Moms
Coast Guard Moms
Reduces Gear

Flame Retardant

Custom sizes for
Coast Guard
Toll free
M-F EST 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sat. EST 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
24 Hour Voicemail
NavyRackPack Rack Curtains block 99% of light, provide storage All Rights Reserved NavyRackPacks 2006 Custom fitted Navy Coast Guard Rack Curtains Military Moms Thank you for sharing the part of your hearts that walk around in boots and salute.
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Navy rack curtain on right blocks 99% light, standard Navy curtain on left All Rights Reserved NavyRackPacks 2009 Custom fitted Navy Coast Guard Rack Curtains
Every Sailor Deserves A NavyRackPack TM
Issue Navy
Berth Curtain
Every sailor deserves a NavyRackPack TM SM
NavyRackPacks are
heavy duty, flame
retardant storage
curtains in custom
sizes for ships, subs,
Coast Guard cutters,
NOAA ships and
Military Sealift
Command vessels.
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